Dart is a multi-platform language developed by Google and based on it, Google has developed Flutter.

It is a UI toolkit developed for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

Why Flutter

Fast Development

Paint your app to life in milliseconds with Stateful Hot Reload. Use a rich set of fully-customizable widgets to build native interfaces in minutes.

Expressive and Flexible UI

Quickly ship features with a focus on native end-user experiences. The layered architecture allows for full customization, which results in incredibly fast rendering and expressive and flexible designs.

Native Performance

Flutter’s widgets incorporate all critical platform differences such as scrolling, navigation…

In the Landscape application, a user can flag their favorite places, and filter the list to show just their favorites. He / She can also give rating to the landscape. To create this feature, you’ll start by adding a switch to the list so users can focus on just their favorites, and then you’ll add a heart-shaped button that a user taps to flag a landscape as a favorite, and you will later add five star-shaped buttons that the user can tap to give his / her rating.

Let’s simply use the completed project from the previous tutorial to get…

With the basic landscape detail view set up, you need to provide a way for users to see the full list of landscape, and to read the details about each of them.

In this story, you’ll create widgets that can show information about any landscape, and dynamically generate a scrolling list that a user can tap to see a detail view for a landscape.


We will make a list page and a detail, and then we will link them with Navigator.push() :)

Widgets, Layouts, Navigations. Join the community of millions of Flutterians! This time, we’re going to build the basic layouts for our Landscape Application!

In our last story, we talked about the benefits of using Flutter. It provides us lots of interesting and useful features. And in this story we are going to build the basic layouts of the detail page.

Let’s start by opening the project we created with Android Studio. After some processing time, the main window appears.

Android Studio Main Window

Flutter Generated Files

Now take a moment to review the most important files.

First, be sure the Project window is open (select View >…


Cheers ψ(`∇´)ψ~ 这里是苏苏的企鹅~

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